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I'm a full-time working mom of three girls. For reasons unknown to me some people think I make this all look easy. In reality, I have no idea what I'm doing. Every day I'm trying to figure out how to get everyone where they need to go on time, what to wear to work that doesn't require ironing, when I'm going to get the dust bunnies out from under the hall table, what we're going to have for dinner and what I might do if I actually had 20 minutes all to myself. Follow along with me as I navigate the oft-charted, but never mastered, waters of working motherhood.

7 Things You’re Doing Right Without Even Consulting a List

The internet – and by that I mean people – loves a list. 7 Huge Spring Cleaning Mistakes Are You Saying These Words Wrong? 7 Signs a Couple is Drifting Apart 4 Confusing Facts About Sugar 7 More Netflix Hacks … Continue reading

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This serving of guilt brought to you by Betty Crocker.

Do you have one of these somewhere in your kitchen? Maybe in a junk drawer or crammed in next to your cook books? This is my little bag o’ guilt. That’s not true. I feel fine about this little bag … Continue reading

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Spider Man in an Anna costume.

My daughter Annie turned 5 in August. Since people often ask what your child is into before buying a birthday gift I made sure to ask Annie what she likes. She said she likes: – unicorns – Spider Man – … Continue reading

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I want to be a writer.

When I was in second grade I wrote a story called “Sheets and Pillows.” It was about a set of bed linens that were sold at a garage sale and had to meet all the bedroom furniture in their new … Continue reading

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A horrible letter from future Heather.

Dear Heather, Happy 16th birthday! Only 30 days until you get your license. Don’t worry – mom will let you drive her convertible. And you already know you’re getting your own car because there is nothing mom would like more … Continue reading

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Lice, lice baby…Part 2

Part two of my lice-ridden tale of woe is much less lengthy. I have done more loads of laundry than I care to consider, but very few of them have included the clothes we need to wear. Instead I am … Continue reading

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Lice, lice baby… Part 1

Having lice and having a miscarriage are much the same experience. No one wants to talk about it, it’s somewhat embarrassing, definitely upsetting, and it’s happened to lots more people than you know. I’ve had both experiences, so I feel … Continue reading

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My kids are so much cooler than me.

Example number one – they are not wearing velour knickers. (If I ever find the picture I’ll post it. I promise.) Example number two – they do not have bowl haircuts. (Leading people to believe they are boys, even when … Continue reading

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My 12 Truths of Motherhood

I’m on a trip by myself with the kids this weekend. Chad and his brothers are in Cancun, treating their mom to a vacation with her sons in celebration of her 75th birthday. (Remember that girls!) Driving nearly six hours … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Me.

On Friday I wanted to grill some chicken for dinner. I turned on the gas, lifted the lid, set the burners and WHOOSH, flames shot up out of the right side of the grill. I thought the grates must be … Continue reading

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