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My kids are so much cooler than me.

Example number one – they are not wearing velour knickers. (If I ever find the picture I’ll post it. I promise.) Example number two – they do not have bowl haircuts. (Leading people to believe they are boys, even when … Continue reading

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My 12 Truths of Motherhood

I’m on a trip by myself with the kids this weekend. Chad and his brothers are in Cancun, treating their mom to a vacation with her sons in celebration of her 75th birthday. (Remember that girls!) Driving nearly six hours … Continue reading

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Of Mice and Me.

On Friday I wanted to grill some chicken for dinner. I turned on the gas, lifted the lid, set the burners and WHOOSH, flames shot up out of the right side of the grill. I thought the grates must be … Continue reading

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A minty fresh time warp.

It was one of those days where I got the time wrong over and over again. First, I dropped Grace off at her dance workshop, which worked out great because I could drop her off on the way to Lauren’s … Continue reading

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And then there was one. Maybe.

The original request was for a bunny. I was on the fence at first. I like bunnies, I’ve owned bunnies and they’re cute. So I told the girls to put together a presentation about why they should have a bunny, … Continue reading

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